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About me

I am a mildly insane but lovable guy based in Europe, harbouring delusions that some day I can become something more than a dream.

Throughout the years of my internal strife I found that there was one thing I kept falling back on when I was bored, unsure of my purpose, contemplating death or just having fun. I did this thing regardless of other people’s opinions or life’s circumstances. I did it because I could not not do it. I simply had to extract whatever was stuck in my mind through drawing, music, writing and any other available media.

Hence, I think that now at my age it is safe to say that, whatever happens later, this thing isn’t going to go anywhere so, for the time being, I might as well become friends with it.

Educational background: corporate law

Favorite music genres: hard rock and orchestral music

Wanna know more? Drop me a word.

I am not big on showing off my face on the internet so here’s emperor Augustus instead. Almost the same thing, right?