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I think am way too early into this to teach other people stuff, but at the same time I think it doesn’t hurt to share what helped me so far.

This is a crash course summery of points that were instrumental in my progress as a painter and I think should be given priority in your path towards greatness. Each time I learned one of these and started applying them to my drawings I saw a noticeable jump forward in quality.

Step 1. Cubes

This is the first thing I learned in art class back in school. Know how to draw a cube? If you do, you know how to draw everything because everything is just a glorified bunch of cubes.

An art teacher would probably further clarify that everything is either a cube, a cylinder or a sphere, but to me the cube is the most important one. Even a sphere is a cube that ate too many cupcakes if you think about it. Try combining several cubes to make a car - it’s just a cube on top of a cuboid/parallelepiped.

Tips for new starters

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