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This is just a list of notable artists I found throughout the years that I like

I am sometime finding myself scouring the Internet for artists I haven’t yet heard of. It turns out that despite the sea of knowledge on wikipedia and the modern ease of access to various media, there are still quite a few good artists I have not heard about and so when I find something significant I make a note of it, and so this list serves partially as reminder of which albums I should look for when I get bored with my current songs list on my mp3 player.

And perhaps also this could server as a suggestion offering to those looking for new artists. Obviously the music taste differs from person to person, but as my taste is fairly wide-ranging, so maybe I can point you towards an artist you haven’t heard of yet.



Description /review

Neil Young

Rock /country / alternative

Has a slightly somber and thoughtful tone, though there are a few happy songs as well. The style ranges a lot. Some songs sound like they would be at home in a Vietnam War movie. Others are broody acoustic guitar songs. Yet others sound like Beatles.


Heavy metal

I am almost certain you’ve heard of this one. Their music can be rather simplistic and repetitive and I am surprised they got as big as they have, but something does keep me coming back. Good simple thrash metal this is. Good ballads too.

Depeche mode

Synthesizer rock /pop (though feels like trance)

I do not like most of their pieces but those that I do like really resonate through my childhood. Their style is dark and trancy. Personal Jesus really drills its way into my head.


Heavy metal (thrash metal)

One of my favorites at the moment. The lead singer has one of my favorite voices. It’s not clean but it is also not the boogieman’s voice that you hear in many metal bands. It has just the right amount of distortion, like a guitar.


Gothic metal

There quite a few strange rhythms and fake synth sounds in their music, but I still like enough of their songs and I like the voice of their past lead singers (unfortunately left the band)

My Ruin

Heavy metal

I do not like the voice of the female lead and I do not like the emo lyrics she often sings, but I really like the melodies and music texture. The rhythm guitars have such nice and round distortion to them.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Classical orchestral

I do not like a lot of classical music. I like the classical instruments but the melody often sounds too happy, too shallow. However, a lot of Beethoven’s music sounds thoughtful and broody, just the way I like it. Also his rhythmic patterns sound very modern. If you don’t like classic music, give this guy a try.

Shiva in Exile / Stefan Hertrich


A project by the former leadman of Darkseed, Shiva in Exile is dark trance. Each album covers a different music style and I really like the the middle eastern influence. It makes me want to try and fuse heavy metal with middle eastern trance

Two steps from hell

Aggressive classical

These composers create short aggressive epic orchestral music. It infuriates me that this type of music is often referred to as “trailer music”. I do not see a big difference between this music and classical music except that this modern orchestral music is more fun. This is by far my favorite music and I highly suggest trying to listen to it outside of movies or game trailers


Alternative rock

Muse has a very distinct style. It’s long powerful vocals combined with gritty guitars and sometimes piano.


Singing, new-age

Enya is all about her echoing high-register voice and the atmosphere it creates. I have heard a surprising amount of negativity about Enya, and though not all her musical numbers are as agreeable, some have touched me in such a way that I believe that if they actually brings negative reactions in you, you are dead inside and there is no salvation for you. You are entitled to your own opinion…except here.


symphonic metal

Apocalyptica has a vague identity. Essentially it is a band that uses classical instruments to create heavy metal music, usually with no vocals involved. Quite a few of its releases are covers of other songs, which is a shame, but there are a few interesting original creations there. There is something special about this band.

Johnny cash


Johnny Cash has a pessimistic tone to his music, even when it’s happy music. His style varies but you can trust his music to be timeless and his voice is deep and touching.


Heavy metal

Pantera is your standard metal and I do not like a lot of their songs, but there are a couple that keep me coming back.

Pearl Jam

Grunge, hard rock, rock, alternative

Pearl Jam has 2 major sides. Their first albums consist of asymmetrical heavy grunge while their later albums become more loose, experimental, and to me, more incoherent. Some of their lyrics can be self-righteous and politically correct (which pisses me off) but they are still a band worth noting for their loose crunchy 60s style.


Heavy metal

First impression might be that Rammstein is a very simplistic heavy metal, with quite a few songs just playing the same riff over and over and the lyrics consisting of the same short couple of sentences repeating over and over, but if you dig a little deeper Rammstein does have more. The lyrics of their slower and less known songs can be interesting and they do mix up their musical style. Though the lyrics clearly are meant to disgust you. This band is like a wonderfully cheesy B-movie.

Seasick Steve

Blues (happy) / rock

Seasick Steve makes happy blues with guitars that he also makes. The guitar sound is especially metallic and ringy and Steve’s voice is heavy and crunchy and together they can be a lot of fun. The guy and his guitars are almost as interesting as the music.


Heavy metal

A lot of their music sounds like noise with boogieman yelling, but there are a number of songs that sounds like a good crunchy catchy heavy metal.


Heavy metal

Aria is a Russian metal band that had an awesome lead singer with a clean opera-like vocal. …so I understand if 90% of you will move on. You should because much of what makes this my favorite band are the lyrics, so if you do not understand them it is a problem.


Heavy metal

I do not like a lot of the lyrics from this band because they are politically correct and I feel like they just reflect the public opinion instead of being an individualistic artist. Having said that, their music is different sounding. Sometimes their stuttering vocals sound silly, but it sounds different from other metal bands.

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