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I am somewhat of a weirdo when it comes to music (what a f-ing surpriiise right?). My taste is wide, covering multiple genres particular elements from those genres.

My parents’ teaching methods sort of made me hate playing music for the 1st part of my life but I started playing guitar a couple of years ago and since then have been slowly but sure getting into the music world, most curious about aggressive orchestral compositions, but also not forgetting the other genres.

My two favorite music types are aggressive orchestral music and hard rock. Interestingly enough this orchestral music fills our TV during commercials, movies and games, but humans do not listen to it on their music players. Perhaps it is because I listen to music in a different way than other people do, using it much more as a soundtrack to what is going on in my imagination.

It is then perhaps no surprise that my end goal is to combine different elements from various music styles into something powerful and epic.


I have been trying different programs. I have experience with FL Studio, Guitar Pro, Reaper and others. In real life I play (if you stretch the definition of “play” really far) a Washburn acoustic and an Ibanez electric guitar.