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Cat is my favorite pet. It is not as social as a dog, but it is far more social than those who do not own one think. Cats run after the things you throw, jump around, lick you and wait next to the door when they hear you come up the stairs. At the same time they require much less care than a dog. Unlike the weakened breeds of dogs, cats are not as inbred and therefore will save more money on vet bills. It also helps that they do not leave giant shits on your carpet.



Birds are not meant to stay in a house. I suppose the same can be said of all other animals, but it is double true for birds because they may start developing a lot of health issues related to them being in captivity.

They are social animals and can develop psychological issues if they are left alone for too long. They need special vitamins; they need special food; they need toys and ideally to be let out of their cage every now and then to spread their wings; and they need their water to be changed daily. At the same time, they can get bacterial infections and die very quickly and suddenly. It is more difficult to get help from a vet for a bird because avian vets are rarer and the bird is small and delicate so working on it is difficult.

Having said all that, the bird is probably my 2nd favorite pet. This is because of how social and funny they are. We are accustomed to passing by birds in a park and we get an impression that they quite simple things, but they are considerably smarter and more social than people think, especially the parrots, but also the crows and ravens. Also, because birds can stay in a cage, you can control  the amount of damage they do in your hose, and most importantly, you do not need to wake up at 6 in the morning to walk them outside.



Dogs are a lot of fun as they are probably the smartest animal you can have after a monkey, but they are also a lot of trouble.

1. A lot of dogs in the West are breeds and breeds are genetically weak and have many health problems. And vets are pretty expensive.

2. Dogs are still animals and their social depth can turn them violent. I like dogs whom I already know, but I am terrified of street dogs because I have been bitten as a child before. Dogs have killed human babies when they perceived them as a threat to their puppies. You won’t hear that about other normal pets like cats.

3. They need to be walked and you need to pick up their steaming poop once or twice a day.

4. Their barking can be really loud and a lot of places do not allow dogs (and by extension, their owner).




Turtle is a fairly low-upkeep animal. I distinctly remember mine being aggressively in love with lettuce. But as a low upkeep animal they are also not that much better than fish when it comes to social interaction. They do have some intelligence and they do look funny when they run after their owner, but there is not much about them that would make them a fun pet.



The problem with fish is that they offer minimal engagement while at the same time requiring quite a bit of investment. You need to buy an aquarium and ensure you have a system to air their water. You also need some snails that will do the job of waste disposal. Basically you have to create a small ecosystem for these things and even then you still have to change the water every now and then. In return, all that the fish provide you with is a blank stare. As part of the interior, a fishtank with some colorful fish looks pretty, but as pets, the fish do not justify the effort and are my least favorite pet.