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Rati ng:

Impact: Profoundly memorable

I played this when I was back in Russia at a friend's house. He had a COMPUTER (!applause!) ! I was only 10 or 12 years of age and Doom had quite an effect on me.

The Core:

The storyline I do not remember that well but the idea I believe was that you're a marine that is sent to battle the forces of Hell on Earth and beyond it using different weaponry to turn those demons into mashed potatoes. Of course to get from one location to another you needed to open certain doors for which you needed certain card-keys. In order to obtain those you had to run around in a labyrint killing everything on your path untill you finally find that one doorway you kept missing (for up to several hours) leading into the room that has one of those keys. I remember I literally spent all day

looking for some way out.

The classic approach is used to the difficulty of the game. Each level more and stronger (and scarier) monsters arrive for you to deal with.

Levels are quite diverse although I can't remember too well to confirm that for a 100%.

Maybe it was just because I was a young kid but thinking back to those days I'd still consider Doom to be the scariest game I've ever played. So a warning to all adults: unless you're looking to really harden your son to prepare him for war, DO NOT let him play Doom 3 (or whatever Doom is appropriate for your century when you're reading this review).


I didn't play the game in 1993 but a lot later however even for that time its graphics looked really good. The twitching corpses pierced on poles looked shockingly real and the monsters looked scary. Actually the latest Doom 3 didn't change the monster concepts much. The sky (when you got to see it) looked pretty although I don't remember any vegitation in game.


Wow! This was one thing I sure remember about the game. Sneaking around and not knowing what comes around the next corner you would occasionally hear a groan that would scare you half to death (try playing alone at night).

The metal/techno music in Doom was NOT making it any easier on my young brain either. Spooky and mystireous...

Most of the time however you won't be hearing anything except that quiet background music. That means 2 things:

1. The amount of sound is low and...

2. You're scared **** when that silence is finally broken by anything!


Daddy of first person shooters was an interesting and very scary thing to see. You might not play computer games but if you have a PC and you never played Doom you've got to be from some other planet, dude...