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18 Wheels of Steel:

Across America

Rati ng:

Impact: Average


Now, the game is based around truck driving obviously. You are provided with a truck and a scaled down version of the US (well I don't know if the roads are anything like the actual roads since I've not been to the US yet). You're a freelance driver and choose freight that you then have to deliever to a certain location for money. With that money you can buy faster and better trucks and compete against other truck drivers to become the richest driver with the best truck...something along those lines.

Unless you play the game on hard settings, you will get tired of its gameplay pretty fast. Sure the idea of the game is original but truck driving is much more fun in real life than in this game, even though the developers put a good effort into portraying as fun. Two things keep the game alive: time limit and cash earning. If you eliminate either of those two by either using cheats or choosing a special game mode then you will loose interest fast.

AI is relatively good. The road does feel kind of alive as the cars on them change lanes and destinations. Occasionally you meet your fellow truck drivers that signal to you friendly. Physics feel realistic. Trucks won't just take off when you push the forward button. Getting them to stop is not as easy as with a normal car and weather effects add to the breaking time. The scaled down system is making things difficult here because the signs are right near the exits, and that leaves little time for reaction.

Perhaps developers should've added much more to the game. Truck driving game could've included pretty naked chicks in bars, bar fights, arm wrestling and being able to buy groceries to fight starvation (beer included). And what about a gun fight when you try delivering goods by taking a shortcut through a ghetto or a very remote road...sounds more like the Russian roads. Maybe next game they make will be called "18 wheels across Russia".


Pretty good actually for its time. There's a night and day (with dusk and dawn included) change and there's snow and rain that leaves drops on your windshield. The game has to have a good looking surrounding since most of what you do is drive around it. Trucks don't look too bad either. This however is where all the good looks end. Static background is not too detailed and neither are the other cars.


It's hard to recall. The game isn't standing out in the sound department in any way, but it's generally sufficient. I guess you don't hear that much inside a truck. That's what the country radio is for, to fill in the silence.


The game is a budget game that is something like 400 mb and is about goods delivery by a truck. What do you expect from it? As far as its mission goes it's successful. However you might be bored pretty fast. After jamming my forward button for several days I got kind of sleepy. Still the game manages to create a coasy driver mood. I just think this game could've gone further than it did.