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Sometimes there comes a movie so satisfying that it becomes a landmark in filming history. It becomes Conan the Barbarian, it becomes Scream, it becomes Die Hard or Titanic. It is not necessarily great from all aspects, but its pieces come together to make it a complete and juicy fruit to remember. Serenity is one of these movies.

Serenity is a futuristic epic about a group of smugglers, veterans of a conflict in which they were on the losing end, coming into contact with a girl who carries with her several important secrets. Soon enough the girl brings large trouble to the crew.

The movie has its weaknesses, notably in the logic of some storyline moments, but these flaws can be easily excused as side-effects of any action movie.

Serenity is based on the show Firefly. Not having seen the show itself, I can declare Serenity to be a perfect standalone. Its storyline, which is that of an interesting chain of conspiracies, is a good base for a space drama. The story touches many social situations and highlights a few of humanity's biggest moral dilemmas. The makers weren't afraid to introduce a clear message that keeps appearing throughout the movie.

The actors really do a great job handling the actions scenes as well as executing jokes on the side, the main character Nathan Fillion is particularly noticeable. The fact that Serenity is based on a show with the same crew might have something to do with this.

There is a full array of up-to-date special effects the viewer can appreciate, but I guess the makers had to do a good job with the eye candy, seeing how most of the action is happening in space. The Western costumes and Winchester-like rifles are enforcing the characters' style of the freedom loving cowboys, while their enemies from the republic are shown as an organized Roman machine.

Serenity is a large film but the time isn't wasted. It has jokes, morals, action, involving conversations, love, hate and pretty much everything else that can be shoved into a good movie.