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Sharps and flats

1. Gods Destroyed All Enemies By F#ire

2. Fallen Cities Got Destroyed And Everything Burned

3. Free Bfrothers Efliminated Afll Dfemon Gfods

4. BEA Died Gloriously Curing Fighters

The above (somewhat grammatically awkward) story is my way of remembering the order of sharps and flats in major scales, at least for now.

The 1st sentence shows how many sharps are in a key, with G having 1 sharp and F having 6. F itself is sharp (indicated by #)

The 2nd sentence shows what those sharps are each time. They always go in that order so G only has an F sharp while E has F C G and D sharp in its scale.

The 3rd sentence shows how many flats are in flat keys with F having 1 flat and Gflat having 6 flats. All keys except F here are flat to begin with.

The 4th sentence shows what those flats are, with BEA being the first 3. As was the case with sharps, the order in which the flats are added is always the same, which is why we can use these kinds of helping tools.

If you have a piano, look at the order of flats and sharps on it! They come in a pattern that is very visually memorable (you will know what I am talking about when you see it).

Sharps and Flats